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Multiple Desktop Workspace for Windows

If you are a Linux addict, probably a Ubuntu user, then you might be missing the multiple desktop workspaces in your Windows PC. Multiple Desktop Workspace enables you to keep different related works on...


Sync Back vs Crash Plan

HI Everyone, I believe you have read my last blog about How to be prepared for a Hard Disk Failure if not, you might be interested to read about it here. In this blog,...


Save Data, Save Life, For free!

How horrible is that – You have a presentation with company authorities next morning, all the preparations have been done, all the facts and figures collected, all the documents are completed, and just this...


Uncovering Google Drive Quota

We are all well aware that Google Drive now provides the 15 GB of drive space, that can be synced on all your PCs, Mac, and Phones. But how much of this space you...


Exporting All Google+ Photo Auto Backup

I generally use Android phones for my personal use, and all my camera rolls and WhatsApp images are automatically backed up in my Google+ Photos (of course I have enabled the auto backup!). It’s...


Record Your Gameplay for Zero-Cost

Do you need to record your computer project demo? Or record any particular application? Or record a gameplay for your Youtube channel? And all for $0? Here, I will suggest you what I personally...